Quality matters to us. To ensure that we deliver only the highest quality services to your family, our staff are highly qualified, enthusiastic individuals who are constantly developing and innovating as a team. 

Staff knowledge and training is of paramount importance and the Nursery is committed to an on-going professional staff development programme to ensure that we are continually up to date. All our staff are trained in Pediatric First Aid, Child Protection and Food Hygiene.

The Nursery endeavours to attain much higher staffing ratios than those stipulated by statutory requirements with the Manager and Deputy regarded as supernumerary.

Meet the Team

Every member of our team prides themselves on delivering the best care and support to your child. We hope you love them as much as we do!

Jill Hallums – Director

Jill has a Masters Degree and Early Years Professional Status (EYPS), with more than 14 years of experience of working with children under the age of 5.

Jason Hallums – Director

Jason has a Masters Degree in Business and manages the technical and financial aspects of Scribbles.

Becky Sanderson – Manager

Becky has Level 5 in Early Childhood Studies and over 15 years’ experience in Nursery Management and childcare. Becky has worked for Scribbles for over 12 years and is the Designated Safeguarding Lead, SENCO, is qualified in Paediatric First Aid and is the Health and Safety Officer for Scribbles.

Voula Agiannidou – Deputy Manager

Voula is a qualified teacher with a Degree in Nursery Education and has been with Scribbles since 2015. She is Deputy Manager, Designated Safeguarding Lead, is qualified in Paediatric First Aid and is Room Leader of Aardvarks.

Melissa Allegro – Third in Charge

Melissa is a Level 3 Nursery Nurse with 6yrs of experience. She is Third in Charge and Room Leader of Lemurs. She is a Designated Safeguarding Lead, is qualified in Paediatric First Aid and is Deputy SENCO.