Meerkats and Lemurs

In Meerkats and Lemurs, we enjoy playing with a wide variety of toys and equipment: construction, small world, sand, water, home corner, book corner, cosy corner, slide and table top activities are available throughout the day. In addition to this we also have two structured activities e.g. play dough and painting in the morning and afternoon sessions. We go out into the garden regardless of the weather so please bring appropriate clothing. We will provide wet suits in addition to this.

I’m Gemma and I am the Meerkats Room Leader! In Meerkats, we believe that making mess makes fun!

Gemma, Meerkats Room Leader

Koalas and Wombats

In Koalas and Wombats we like playing in the home corner where we use our imagination to pretend to be Mummies and Daddies cooking food. We love to play in the construction area with the train set making enormous tracks for our trains to run on. We enjoy doing creative activities such as drawing pictures and painting.  We are able to choose our own materials and creative equipment. We always have sand and water out and a free choice of books to read.

Hi, I’m Misbah and I look after Koalas and Wombats We enjoy making independent choices and this is where we also learn to potty train.  We love physical activities, especially making up different moves during yoga and Zumba.

Misbah, Koalas Room Leader


In Aardvarks we love to get messy and play imaginative games in the home corner or cosy corner which is strictly children only. We love to play in the sand house pretending to be ice cream sellers or chefs cooking elaborate meals for our friends and the water tray where we do experiments with ice. We have a wide variety of equipment and toys which are available for children to choose during free structured play time. In the book corner we have an ICT station where we can play on the laptop and experiment with colours and shadows using the light box. We also have a writing area and a carpet area to play educational games. We have free snack during the morning, children are encouraged to choose their own food and pour their own water.

Hey I’m Voula and I work in Aardvarks! In Aardvarks, we love learning through a variety of activities.   We enjoy science experiments practicing our writing skills and phonetic knowledge and learning all about numbers as part of our school readiness. We love going on trips to the woods and allotments and developing our physical skills through running climbing and yoga.

Voula, Aardvarks Room Leader


We get to go into the garden every day and every child has a waterproof suit so we can play outside whatever the weather. We like to make pies in our mud kitchen and castles in our sandpit and our decking makes a great racetrack!