·        Registration Fees

You are required to register your child at Scribbles.  A non-refundable registration fee is payable for each child registered.  If no place is available the child will be placed on a waiting list, however, registration does not guarantee a space.  Changes to registration requirements must be made in writing and may result in a further administrative charge. A minimum of two whole day session must be reserved.  The Nursery does not allow staff to babysit for clients of the nursery

·        Retainer

Prior to starting at Scribbles Nursery, one month’s fees are required, without exception, to secure your child’s place.  An offer of a place will be made in writing with a request for payment of the retainer. If no retainer is received by the Nursery within one week of the date of our letter, the place may be withdrawn. If you increase your sessions at Scribbles at any time you may be required to pay the increase in retainer.  The retainer will be returned on leaving Scribbles only if the child has attended the nursery for at least six months and two full calendar months (from the 1st of the month) are given as notice, in writing.  No refunds on retainers will be made except on children leaving the nursery.  Retainers due to be returned are refunded after the first day of the following billing period.

·        Change of sessions

One full calendar month notice is required, in writing, if you wish to change sessions at any time.  Where possible the nursery will try to accommodate any change of sessions request.  One change of sessions per year will be allowed free of charge.  Any changes requested after this will incur an administrative fee of £30 per change.  Change of sessions are not permitted during the final two month notice period of leaving the nursery. 

·        Payment of Fees

Fees are payable monthly in advance by standing order to be received on the first of the month. Forms can be obtained from the office.  Regular payment monthly by cheque or cash will not be acceptable.  Fees for a child will change when they move into the next room, if appropriate, and not automatically on their birthday.

Sessions can only be changed from the 1st of the month.  Change of sessions is not permitted mid-month.  Fees cannot be changed in the middle of a month.  Parents are held responsible for all outstanding fees. The nursery is not liable for collections from third parties, e.g. University / colleges, voucher providers, grant funding agencies. Fees are reviewed annually and any increases notified to parents one month ahead of implementation. A 5% sibling discount is available, applicable to the fees of the eldest child and will commence on the first full month attended by the younger sibling unless the child is receiving any free entitlements.

The Nursery accepts electronic childcare vouchers as payment against fees and operates the Early Years Free Entitlement for 3-5 year olds. Childcare Vouchers must be credited by the voucher provider to the Nursery’s account prior to 1st of the month.  Paper vouchers are not accepted by the nursery.

Automatic late payment penalties will be incurred if payment is not received on time: £50 or 10% of monies due, whichever is the greater.

·        First Payment

Parents will be invoiced for the first month, or part thereof.  First month fees are calculated on a ‘per session basis’ starting from the Monday following the settling week, until this equates to more than the normal monthly fee when the lesser will be charged. There is no charge for the first settling week.  The first months fees are payable by the end of the settling week. Should a mutually agreed start date be postponed by parents, the Nursery reserves the right to charge from the original start date as indicated on the nursery application form / placement offer letter.

·        Extra Sessions

Where possible the nursery will try to accommodate requests for extra sessions.  Requests must be made to the manager. These sessions are subject to availability and are charged at the daily rate. Sessions can only be booked up to one week in advance on receipt of payment and are non-refundable/changeable.

·        Notice Period and Last Payment

When a child wishes to leave the nursery, two full calendar months (from the 1st of the month) must be given as notice, in writing.  The final payment will be for one whole calendar month and no refunds will be given for children leaving part way through a month.

·        Variation of Fees

Scribbles Nursery Limited reserves the right to review and revise its fees and conditions at any time giving twenty eight days notice in writing to parents / carers.

The Nursery reserves the right to terminate a placement if fees are not paid by the due date, if parents / carers fail to observe the Policies & Procedures of the Nursery, or a parent, carer or child displays abusive, threatening or otherwise inappropriate behaviour.

The Nursery reserves the right to terminate a placement if important information concerning or affecting your child is withheld / not communicated to Nursery management and staff.

·        Hours of Operation

Scribbles is open for approximately 50 weeks each year, closing between Christmas and New Year, at Easter for a week, all Bank Holidays and four staff training days.  Full fees are payable during closure periods and refunds/ alternative sessions will not be given if a child is absent for any reason e.g. holiday, illness, or if the nursery has to close due to reasons outside our control e.g. extreme weather conditions. The Nursery does not accept responsibility for any loss or inconvenience suffered by parents arising directly or indirectly from a temporary closure of its premises or as a result of the non-admission of a child for any reason. Fees will be charged for all reserved sessions regardless of holidays, sickness or temporary closures.

Parents are requested to arrive no later than 10 minutes prior to the end of the session to allow time for feedback and collection.  Late collection on more than three occasions will be subject to a late charge of £15 for the first 15 minutes and £15 for every 15 minutes or part thereof after 6.15pm.

·        Personal Property

While staff will exercise all reasonable care to ensure that Children’s belongings are not lost or damaged, the nursery cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage that might otherwise occur.

All items of clothing must be clearly labelled by parents prior to child placement at the Nursery.

Prams / buggies are not permitted in the main building or allowed to block fire exits / escape routes in order to comply with Health & Safety and Fire Regulations.

·        Nursery Uniform

Nursery uniform (polo shirt and sweatshirt) are required to be worn for all children in Wombats, Koalas and Aardvarks) this can be bought from the nursery.  Please dress your child appropriately for their day at Nursery and provide a sunhat and suncream in the summer months.

·        Illness and Medicines

If a child becomes unwell at Scribbles the Manager will be informed and the parents will be contacted.  In these instances parents will be requested to collect the child as soon as possible or if they are unable to collect the child, to make arrangements for an authorised collector to collect the child.  A full list of common childhood illnesses and exclusion times is available on the Parent’s Notice Board in the entrance foyer.  Staff will not administer any medication to children, including antibiotics and Calpol. The exception to this rule is for:

inhalers or creams prescribed by a General Practitioner, Piriton Syrup and Epipen injections in case of life threatening anaphylaxis, Long term medication which is required for a child due to a chronic medical condition e.g. cystic fibrosis

·        Trips

We go on regular room trips and a few trips for the entire nursery.  On trips for the whole nursery On trips for the whole nursery you will have the option for your child to attend however the nursery will close for the duration of the trip.  There will be no refunds for children who normally attend on these days but who do not wish to attend the trip.