Scribbles had it’s last Ofsted inspection in December 2016 and was rated GOOD.  The inspector highlighted the following…

Leadership of the nursery is strong. Managers monitor and evaluate all areas of the provision effectively, and have worked well with the local authority so that progress has been made since the last inspection.
The standard of care and teaching is good, particularly when adults lead the learning.
Parent partnerships are strong. Parents are full of praise for the way that all children, regardless of their religious background or ethnicity, are welcomed. They feel that their children are looked after very well, are safe and happy, and make good progress.
Children form strong bonds and attachments with their key person. They are happy and settle quickly because all staff know them well. Staff support children to be able to take turns and cooperate in their learning.
Staff are skilled in promoting children’s language and communication. For example, they ask questions which engage the children’s curiosity, and provide good opportunities for introducing new vocabulary, including for those children who speak English as an additional language.
Staff are aware of children’s individual needs, and track their progress carefully. Consequently, children make good progress from their different starting points, including those who receive additional funding.